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Glenn McGee works with students, colleagues and organizations who are interested in bioethics.

Glenn McGee's Bio:

A profile by ABP Speakers Group: "Glenn McGee writes about the relationship between health technologies and human experience. His books span the impact of genomics on parenthood, the power of genetic information, and the next wave of biotechnology. In manyarticles he engages with those working in medicine, science, law, business and the humanities. He has written regular columns for The Scientist and Hearst news service, and his commentary often appears in media discussionsand programs about healthcare. A recipient of the Atlantic Fellowship in Public Policy, McGee has held two endowed chairs and faculty appointments in medicine, law, business, public health and philosophy. He founded three institutions in health policy and ethics: The American Journal of Bioethics, Alden March Bioethics Institute, and An advisor for many governmental and non-governmental organizations, he was also elected to the board of directors of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities. He enjoys speaking to groups both informally and in larger settings."

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Philosophy, Bioethics, Public Health, Education, Bioethics Reproductive Technology, Bio-Medical Engineering, Scholarly Editing, Human Rights, Nanotechnology, Ethics, John Dewey, Teaching and Learning, Public Policy, Publisher, Translation, German Studies, Stem cell and Regenerative medicine, William James, Gene Therapy, History of Science, Management Information Systems, Internet & Society, Public Management, Healthcare Management, Environmental Studies, Society, Genetics

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